Born in The Hague, Netherlands to a Canadian Foreign Affairs family, I spent my early years traveling and living in western Europe. At the age of 12, I inherited an antique Brownie 620 and a neighbor introduced me to black & white printing. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion.

I studied Fine Art and subsequently professional photography at Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal, before moving to Ottawa where I put down my camera to pursue a career as a graphic designer.  In 1998 I purchased my first digital camera and it revolutionized my creative process.

My work is influenced by Chiaroscuro, my experience as a graphic designer and the clean simplicity of Swiss design. I approach my craft with compassion and the eye of a storyteller, always striving to tell more with less.

I routinely collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals, in order to fulfill any request.

Denis Savoie
November, 2012